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XXX Co., Ltd. was established in 1966 in order to enhance the industrial technology through the evaluation of technical support for the test and evaluation agencies,
Is a representative body of the Republic of Korea, which exchanges and cooperation with the test and certification bodies of the advanced (developed) countries.
In order to protect the domestic industry's various certification system is perfect, for the protection of consumer safety and environmental protection of the importance of the various systems is increasing,
KTL to adapt to the development of the situation, from product development to obtain certification throughout the stage to provide support to help enterprises to improve technical capabilities and have a stronger competitive.
In order to the business between the two countries and certification bodies and customers of the organic business contact and meet the needs of customers,
XXXX Co., Ltd. established in Guangzhou and Shanghai, China office,
To provide customers with quality services, in order to increase the development of Chinese enterprises to South Korea and the development of enterprises to contribute.
In order to solve the domestic and foreign customers to obtain certification as well as the country's non tariff barriers, and 35 countries have signed an agreement (MOU) 67 test certification bodies,
In order to obtain overseas certification, to provide a variety of safety and quality certification, factory review, information, technical education and other support.
Now in the operation of the international certification system IECEE (System for Conformity Testing IEC and Certification of Electrical Equipment) CB certification system (CBScheme),
Is one of the 9 areas of the 43 specifications of the issue of Certificate CB and Report IECEE Test recognized.